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Waterproof drone

Top Waterproof Drones

Waterproof drones are a steadily in more demand as the popularity of using drones increases. They are becoming easier to find and offering more features than ever before. We are excited about what the future holds in this particular market. Some waterproof drones are even capable of taking underwater videos, how awesome is that?

Are you a drone enthusiast preparing for spring break or summer vacation that will take you to the beach? Perhaps you frequent the lake or like fishing and watching wildlife along the river. Whatever it is that takes you near bodies of water, you are sure to recognize the potential danger to your drone should it lose power or accidently make a crash landing in the water. There seems to be no quicker way to destroy your precious drone than the damage that can happen from water. Fortunately for you, drone manufacturers recognize that some people need drones that will not be damaged by water as easily as the average drone will. This is why they created waterproof drones!

We have put together a list of the top waterproof drones that are also reasonably priced. With these great devices there is no reason to fear water when you embark on your next adventure wherever that may be.

H2O Aviax by GP Toys

water drone

While this is a very basic drone, it is still a good choice for those looking for a waterproof drone. It is one of the original waterproof drones to ever be launched and remains a top contender today. The Aviax has a very low price point and can withstand being submerged in water up to seven meters deep.

It is important to keep in mind it is not meant to be a water drone, but can still offer some excellent shots during brief periods under water. Flight time with this drone is on average eight minutes but it can fly as long as ten minutes in optimal conditions. It can also reach a distance up nearly one hundred meters before losing signal or lagging at all.

One unique and amazing trait of this drone is the ability to save a specific air routine that lasts up to forty seconds on the memory. Once it has been recorded, the drone will complete the routine on its own when prompted. This is a great way to impress a crowd or just have some fun on your own. It is capable of a variety of air stunts with a single button and even has LED lights that make it great for flying at night or in low light conditions.

The one drawback to this drone is that it does not include a camera. However, it does allow a camera to be attached without much difficulty. For some people this will actually be a benefit as everyone has slightly different needs and budgets when it comes to cameras, which have a huge impact on the price of all drones, but especially water proof drones.

Mariner 2 Splash Drone Auto

drone mariner

A camera is not included with this drone, but it is compatible with several cameras including the go pro hero line. The included two axis gimbal is waterproof and the drone is ideal for flying in the rain. It is designed to float on water to prevent loss and damage and can even surf along the surface of the water. Expected flight time with this drone is up to twenty minutes. Keep in mind this will be reduced based on how much weight is added with a camera or other customizations that might be made. The flight range for the transmitter on this drone is just of half a mile.

Features on this drone include follow me, making it great for adventure sports. It can be used for various fishing applications with its generous payload of up to one kilogram. It is strong enough to lift a small fish or carry bait. It can even be used to carry some life preservers for water rescues! It also includes the all important return to home function to keep your drone safe and with you before it loses battery.

F51 by GPToys

Waterproof drones

This is a mini drone that includes a camera while also being waterproof. It has been designed to take videos and pictures under water and quickly sheds water once it is in the air again. The included camera is two megapixels and is easy to orientate no matter where the face of the drone may be pointing.

Return home is a one key setting for ease of use and the drone can do several aerial stunts without requiring advanced controlling skills. Night flight is possible thanks to the LED lights included on the drone and the generous flight distance of one hundred meters with a flight time of about seven and a half minutes on one battery charge.

H31 by JJRC

water drones

This is an extremely affordable drone considering all it has to offer. It is waterproof and has top of the market flight times and range. It can fly up to eight minutes and be controlled with no lagging up to one hundred and fifty meters away.

The primary downfall of this drone is the lack of a camera being included with it. However, you can purchase a camera separately and add it to the drone with no trouble at all. Upgraded versions of the drone do include a waterproof camera along with an increase in price for those who do not want to purchase them individually. The benefit to purchasing a drone without a camera in it is that the user can purchase a camera that meets their specific needs. Some people may need a more advanced camera than others.

Hydrofoil Mini Drone New Z by Parrot

mariner drone

Another top quality mini drone which means it is outside of the FAA required registration. It can be used around fresh water but is not designed for use on salt water, which may corrode the parts. This drone can fly at speeds up to eleven miles per hour in the air and up to six miles per hour on the water.

Additional tricks can be completed easily by downloading the free app mentioned in the package. Flight time is expected to last up to seven minutes on each battery charge. Additionally, this drone includes a camera to take pictures during flight. Control distance for this particular drone is up to twenty meters and it is designed to be shock resistant making this a fantastic drone with camera.

Lily Camera

best Waterproof drone

This fancy drone has a wrist strap that is waterproof and keeps the drone with you at all times utilizing GPS. It will follow anyone wearing the coordinated wrist tracking device. The Lily includes a high quality camera to capture every moment of flight and has a four gigabyte memory card. If that is not enough space, an additional card slot is included as well. It is designed for easy transportation with a compact design making it ideal for travel.

This drone is capable of working as much as a meter under water. Be sure to rinse the drone thoroughly if you use it in salt water to prolong the life of all the parts. It is able to fly as fast as twenty five miles per hour and can fly up to twenty minutes at once. Controls and battery indication are included in the mobile app available for download.

Quadra by Tayzu

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best water drone

This drone can take off and land on the water effortlessly. You can even start recording or taking pictures under water then take off for aerial shots. The gimbal that comes with the drone is waterproof as is the housing for the camera. The drone is designed with the Hero 4 GoPro in mind. It is slightly more difficult to find in stock than other drones but is still worth considering when you can find it. The version of this drone that includes a camera does not have a replaceable battery, which is something to consider before purchase.

The Quad H20

ocean drone

One of the most impressive waterproof drones we have come across, this drone is certainly worth considering. It can withstand more water than most drones and does excellent even in heavy rains. The top speed for this drone is forty kilometers per hour and is ideal for recording watersports or other outdoor adventures. The body of this drone is made from durable and watertight epoxy fiber composite as are the legs. Other parts are made of stainless steel and plastic.

The Quad works well with several GoPro cameras and can stream directly to the screen on the controller. It includes a completely waterproof gimbal as well. The expected flight time for this drone under normal conditions is up to twenty five minutes. It is important to recognize that flight time will be greatly impacted by flying conditions and the payload of the drone. It can hold up to two kilograms in weight without much noticeable change in flight ability.

Features of this drone include auto pilot for ease of use and various waypoint settings as well. You can plan your route and use one key settings for takeoff and landing among many other modes. The Quad offers a great value for the price in terms of flight features, camera ability, and still being waterproof.

Waterproof Drones Recap

As you can see, there are several options when it comes to waterproof drones. Most are reasonably priced and will work for a variety of activities that may expose the drone to water. If you want to take pictures or video under water, it is important that you thoroughly research the drone you want to purchase to make sure it is suited for the task.

You will want one that completely encloses the camera and has a good quality camera as well. Low quality cameras will not produce sharp images when taking pictures or video underneath the surface of the water.

drone for river

Some of these drones can be controlled using mobile applications on android or iOS platforms while others can only be controlled with the included remote control. One of the drones listed can even be controlled simply by wearing a wrist tracker, completely removing the danger of dropping or losing the remote while participating in sports such as water skiing, running, or biking.

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