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Drones for Kids

drones for kids

Choosing the Best Drones for Children in 2017

The drone market today is massive. They range from very basic and inexpensive to technologically advance and thousands of dollars. While adult drone enthusiasts may know exactly what they want in a drone and have a relatively easy time selecting one, it can be more difficult to select on for a child that wants their very first drone, especially if the adult making the purchase isn’t a drone enthusiast already!

Fortunately, there are many child friendly drones available that will help the child in your life learn to fly a drone quickly and easily. Before long they will be ready to move on to more advanced versions or utilize more advanced features of their current drone.

toy quadcopter with camera

Drones make an exciting gift for children and can open their eyes to technology. They are a great way to start understanding engineering and perhaps even more importantly they are just lots of fun to fly and can be a great family activity.

Drones for children typically have very fun and easy to use settings. They can do tricks such as flips at the press of a button and can create exciting videos both inside the home and outdoors in the yard or at the park. They’re a great addition to your next family vacation as well!

Most drones will require supervision if children under the age of twelve years will be operating them for the safety of the child as well as to prevent damage to the drone during use.

The Hubsan X4H107+

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This is an upgraded version of the X4H107 drone. The newest X4 has camera model H107+ and a superior redesign. It looks like a spaceship from a science fiction novel and is sure to spark your child’s imagination. It comes in blue and white or black and orange. The drone also has a very stable design and is easy for virtually any child to maneuver.

The camera included is 720p with 2MP ability and provides quality pictures and videos for your child’s enjoyment. It has range of fight meters to one hundred and fifty meters depending on the conditions it is being used in. The included battery can be charged via USB or with a wall adapter so it can be charged easily wherever life may take you.

It also only takes forty minutes to fully charge and allows up to seven minutes of flight time. Additionally, the drone has a special altitude maintaining feature so it remains the same level in fight for optimal camera focus without causing stress by requiring lots of difficult controlling. The easier the drone is for your child to learn the more excited they can be about the flying experience! The drone can also easily hover in one place to catch longer videos of a specific area.

Check out our review of the Hubsan X4 H107C

The 509G by JXD

toy drones for kids

This is a larger size drone that many may not feel comfortable having flown indoors, which is something to consider before purchasing it for your child. However, it does have several standout features that make it worth considering.

First, the drone includes a function to help it maintain the same altitude, which streamlines flight significantly. It also has a one key return to me feature that is a savior to prevent the drone from becoming lost during flight if the child gets a little carried away or loses control. Face it, one or both of those things will happen at some point!

It has a good camera on it to capture memories during flight and has a very generous flight time of up to ten minutes at one time. If you do decide to let your child fly the drone inside the home even though it is larger in size than other drones, the package comes with handy prop guards to help protect the interior of your home. The drone is also very durable and will survive several reasonable crashes before needing repair or replacement.

The Syma X11C

toy drones for kids

Syma is known for their easy to fly drones and has one of the top drones for beginners as well as the top drone for children to learn. This drone has a built in camera included and a strong protective case to protect the drone from inevitable bumps and crashes as your child learns to control the device.

The camera is completely protected and encased within the drone to prevent unnecessary damage and replacement, saving you money in the long run because you won’t have to replace a damaged lens or camera mount. Beyond it’s durability, this drone has many wonderful features to offer your child during their flight time. It has a high quality camera and includes a micro SD card to save your child’s recordings during flight.

The six axis stabilization means your child will experience a smooth flight recording even with their shaky flying skills to begin with. The range of this drone is around eighty to one hundred meters depending on flying conditions and a flight time of up to seven minutes. Most importantly, this done offers some radical three hundred sixty degree air stunt abilities all with the simple push of a button!

The Holy Stone Predator

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With a dynamic name such a the predator, your child is sure to get excited about this drone. The holy stone is one of the top selling drone during recent holiday seasons and for good reason, this drone is reasonably priced, making it ideal for a last minute purchase for people who didn’t plan on making an otherwise pricey purchase.

It is also a small drone, meaning it will not cause much, if any, damage when it is crashed. Let’s face it, your child is going to crash he drone while he or she learns how to fly it and that is okay because it won’t put holes in your walls! The drone is also durable and can withstand a reasonable amount of bumps and falls without being harmed. Blade protectors are included to help make it safe for use inside the home and the flight range is about thirty to fifty meters with a flight time of up to eight minutes in optimal condition.

One thing to note about this drone is that it does not include a camera, which is why it is so reasonably priced. This is an excellent starter drone for your child to learn on and a great bridging drone before purchasing a more expensive drone with a camera.

RC XQ-5 Hero Drone

 best quadcopter for kids

If the child you are purchasing a drone for is a night owl or you live in an area it gets dark early in the day, this is the drone you will want to purchase. The drone’s flight at night is stunning and makes it easy to see several hundred meters away. 

The Hero has an LED light feature that wraps around the drone to make it highly visible in low light conditions. Another stand out feature of this unique drone is that it has a soft foam frame surrounding it, making it superior for indoor flight while still being ideal for outdoor flight at night as well! The foam shell means there will be little to no damage when the child accidentally crashes the drone in to something important.

The hero has a generous flight time of up to ten minutes in length and should fly at least eight minutes even in trying conditions such as wind. The range for the controller is up to one hundred and fifty meters but will vary slightly depending on the exact conditions. The camera included with the hero is very decent for the price point as well, although pictures and videos in low light conditions should not be expected to be clear.

The Predator U842

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While many drones included on our list are compact in size, this drone is the exception. It is not ideal for indoor flight because of its large size but it is wonderful for outdoor flight. The predator requires minimal assembly and is ready to use in just a few minutes from opening the package.

It includes two different speed mode settings, fast and slow. While this may seem like an unnecessary feature to many people, it is a great feature to include in drones for children. The slow setting is ideal for young children and children just learning to fly because it means the drone can’t get away from the child as easily as the fast mode. Once the child is comfortable flying the drone, the fast mode can be utilized for a different flight experience.

It does include a 2.0 megapixel camera that allows live streaming on most mobile phone devices and offers a reasonable flight time of around eight minutes on one battery charge.

The CX-10c by Cheerson

drone children

This is a very small quadcopter that is inexpensive and easy to use, making it one of the best drones for children to use. The CX-10 comes without a camera but the CX-10C includes a camera so you can decide which you would prefer your child to have. The camera on the 10c is only .3MP, but still offers decent quality pictures for your child to enjoy from the flight.

It is made with indoor flight in mind with it’s compact size and small camera. This drone requires your child to be within about twenty meters of the drone to keep it within range, so it should always stay in sight without your child losing it. This drone has a slot for an SD card to save your child’s adventures but you will have to purchase this separately if it is something you’d like. Not including the SD card with the drone helps keep the price low for those who may not feel saving the data is required.

Flight time for this drone is up to seven minutes, which is ideal for indoor play.


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The UDI U818A drone requires absolutely no assembly and is ready to fly directly out of the box, making it perfect for impatient children! It is an attractive drone that is sure to appeal to adults and children alike. However, this drone is built with the novice drone flyer in mind no matter what the age.

It has a 2MP camera that is built in to the drone and has a return function that only requires one button to initiate, making it extremely easy to retrieve the drone. The range for this drone’s controls is around 100 meters and the flight time is up to 8 minutes per charge.

JXD 512 V

kid drone

Another excellent mini drone, this drone is ideal for younger children and children who have never flown a drone before. It is a good choice for indoor flight because the blades are protected, meaning it will not damage anything inside when it inevitably hits the wall, bookshelf, or ceiling as your child learns to control the new drone. It has a short range of only ten to fifteen meters. While some people may feel this is a drawback to the device, it is actually a very good range for children.

This means the drone can’t get very far away and will be easier to control. Children often struggle with drones that have a long flight range because it can be harder to gauge the movements from a long distance. Additionally this little gem includes a .3MP camera and has a manageable flight time of four to five minutes on a charge.

The HubsanX4

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Another prime choice for indoor drone flying that is perfect for the child in your life. This drone is very reasonably priced and our top choice for the drone buyer on a budget. With a generous range of up to 100 meters the X4 is great for both indoor and outdoor flying for the novice drone pilot. The flight time is on par with the rest of the drones in the market and is expected to be a minimum of five minutes in the air.

This mighty little guy also comes with a built in camera with a 0.3 megapixel camera that offers an excellent quality recording and picture taking ability without an expensive price tag. The controller included with this drone has a screen that sows live feeds from the camera as well, making the flight an even more enjoyable experience for your favorite child.

Because the creator knows this drone is ideal for children and new flyers, they’ve also made it incredibly easy to find replacement parts that may get scuffed or damaged in flight. They are reasonably priced and easy to replace on the drone as well.

Things to consider when buying drones for children

With an overwhelmingly large market you may be wondering if it really matters which drone you select for a child to fly. While most low end drones will work well for a majority of children interested in drones, there are a few features you should consider that will make the experience more enjoyable and easy to learn. When drones have complicated controls and too many fancy features, children often end up feeling discouraged and not enjoying their new toy.

Simple Controls

This is perhaps the most important aspect of a drone for a young child or even an older child that has not flown a drone before. Children who have extensive experience playing video games that include flight simulations or who have flown other airborne creations such as toy air planes or helicopters will pick the controls up much quicker than children without these experiences. Look for drones that offer one touch control options such as take off and landing. This eliminates the need to utilize complicated features such as landing gear and speed control for proper take off for flight.

Return to Home

 best toy quadcopter

This is a priceless feature when it comes to buying the best drone for children. The return to home function tells the drone to come back to the controller or a specific set point at the push of a button. Many drones also have a return to home function that automatically takes over if it loses range of the controller or the battery starts to get dangerously low. This is an excellent feature to prevent the child from losing the drone on accident. It is an expensive gadget after all!


Most children will prefer having a drone with a camera. This allows them to take pictures and videos of their flight time that they can share with their friends, which is the best part of owning a drone! The cameras on drones for children often aren’t particularly high quality by modern technology standards, but you’ll want one of at least 0.3 megapixels in most cases. these camera are decent enough to get quality pictures that aren’t fuzzy or grainy, but they are low enough in the tech spectrum to maintain a very reasonable and low price range. The camera should be able to take still pictures as well as record video.

SD Card

toy drones with cameras

Some drones may come with one of these memory cards while others may have the slot and not include the card in the package with the drone. The nice thing about using an SD card in the drone is that it will provide ample memory for the pictures and videos taken by the drone to be stored.

The card can be removed and placed in other devices to stream the videos on a television, for example. There are a few drones on the market that do not have SD card slots and most people will want to avoid getting a drone without one of these slots.

Propeller Guards

If the drone will strictly be used outside, this feature isn’t much of a concern. However, for those wanting to fly the drone inside, prop guards are a valuable feature. These guards help prevent damage to walls, lights, floors, doors, and even people in some cases! They are an excellent thing to have when a child will be flying the drone inside a home or in a yard with lots of decor or buildings.

Replaceable Parts

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Damage to a drone flown by a child is virtually inevitable. Mistakes will be made and the drone will be flown into walls and have several crash landings. Some children may even think that is part of the drone’s appeal. If the drone has parts that are easy to find in stores or online and easy to replace on the drone itself, the main body of the drone will have a much longer lifespan.

The most common part that will need to be replaced on your child’s drone will be the propellors, so make sure it is an option on the drone you decide to purchase for your child.


When selecting a drone for a child there is no reason to spend a lot of money. Many drones on the market are thousand of dollars. While most drones that cost a few hundred dollars are well worth the investment for experienced drone enthusiasts and adults, they do not really make sense as a first time drone for a child.

Instead, consider the budget and child friendly drones included in this list to help your child start their journey in the world of drone flying!

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