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Best Mini Drones to Have Fun with in 2017

Most people are aware that drones are fun, but what could be even more fun? Mini drones! The compact size of mini drones make them easy to transport wherever your life might take you. They also move quickly and resemble birds as they dart through the air, you just happen to be the one in control of the movements!

miniature drones

Mini drones are an great way for people to enjoy the art of drone flying on the go. They are also a great option for people who need or want to be able to fly their drone indoors. Mini drones aren’t as invasive as larger models and also typically will not do as much damage to anything inside the home if they happen to crash or bump in to something during their flight.

Mini drones are typically very budget friendly as well, making them great for people who might not have a lot of money to throw at a drone and for people who are new to the world of drones who don’t want to commit with a large investment just yet.

What to look for in a Mini Drone

Mini drones should generally be less expensive than a standard size drone. Most of them will fit in the palm of your hand and be very light in weight. You’ll want to consider who will be flying the drone as well as where the drone will be flown. Mini drones aren’t meant to stand up to high winds and harsh conditions. They are best for indoor flight or flying outside on a calm day. If a child will be the drone pilot you will want to find one that includes or offers pop guards to help increase safety to both the child and the drone.

miniature drone

Guards will also help protect your walls and belongings in the home in the case of a crash. Whether or not the mini drone includes a camera and the quality of that camera should also be a consideration. These small drones typically do not have fancy cameras on them because the manufacturers want to keep the size small and the price low. However, it is possible to find a mini drone that offers a decent built in camera of about two megapixels and that has the ability to take video as well as still pictures.

You’ll also want a drone that has a decent flight time and a battery that doesn’t take an extended amount of time to charge. You do not want to have to wait several hours to get the drone back in the air again. A charging time of thirty minutes to an hour is reasonable for most mini drones.

mini flying drone

Mini drones are a great way to learn how to fly larger drones without being intimidated. The fact they can easily and safely be flown indoors is a major selling point for the mini drone market. No matter what your reason for purchasing a mini drone may be, it can be difficult to figure out which drone you should get. They range from very cheap drones, less than twenty dollars to over fifty dollars and each one has something different to offer the user. Another great thing about the low price of mini drones is that they are easy to replace if they get damaged or lost during flight. Being so cheap, these are the perfect drones for kids!

We have put together a list of the best mini drones you need to try during 2017. No matter what the reason you want a drone, you’re sure to find one of these mini drones that fits your needs!

​Best Mini Drones

The CX10 Cheerson

Mini Drone

Not all mini drones include a camera, but the Cheerson CX10 does! It is very reasonably priced and still offers many great features. Expected flight time with this drone is up to eight minutes in ideal conditions and four minutes in more difficult conditions. It is a great choice for first time flyers and children because of the low price point.

There is not much financial loss if something accidentally happens to this drone, you can just go get another one! The range for this drone is about forty meters, which is ideal for novice drone flyers. It allows enough distance to see what might be ahead with the camera but not so much distance that the flyer loses sight or control of the drone.

The MJX X901

Mini Drones

One of the smallest drones we will cover in this list, this drone also offers two additional propellors. It is a hexacopter rather than a quadcopter like most drones. The extra props mean it can fly more precisely. it also has a six axis stabilization set up completely with a three dimensional ability to flip. It has LED lights and gravity control settings as well, making it even more fun to fly. Even with all these features, the drone can still fit in the palm of your hand.

The H8 Mini by EachNine

Mini Drone with Camera

Known specifically for racing drones, EachNine has produced an excellent racing drone that is sure to get any drone flyer excited no matter what their experience level. It has 3d tumbling features, one touch return to me feature, and even has four brightly lit LED lights so you can see it even when flying at night or in low light conditions. The flight range is about thirty meters in distance and the flight time is typically five minutes in length. The charging time for this drone is also incredibly fast and takes about thirty minutes to fully charge the battery. You will be ready to take off again in no time!

Mini Drone by Aukey

Best Mini Drone

If the mini drone you are looking for is for a novice drone flyer or a child, this is the one to look at. The drone has three completely different speed settings. The slow setting is ideal for new flyers because it makes the drone easier to control. The faster a drone is, the more difficult flying it and keeping it under control can be. The slow mode fixes that problem for newbies.

Although the drone is very light in weight, it is still able to do fascinating tricks like flips without hesitation. Flight time for this drone is about five minutes and the distance for the control range is about twenty five meters. It does not have any extravagant features, but this drone is an excellent option for a low price and for people just starting out in the world of drone flying.

The H107D by Hubsan

Little Drones

This is perhaps the top mini drone currently available on the market. It has a camera that is 480p, which does not sound like much, but is taken to a new level with this drone. The drone includes a FPV setting that stands out among drones, particularly in the mini market.

The controller has a generously sized screen at over four inches to help control the drone and enjoy the video stream. Like manny other drones, this drone can easily handle flips and tricks in flight without sacrificing a smooth flight. Flight time is typically up to eight minutes with a distance of around fifty meters without losing signal from the controller. This is one mini drone that can actually compete with the big drones!

E10C by Eachnine

Mini Quadcopter

One of the most attractive mini drones available, this drone is sure to please the crowd. The E10C has a white body with silver accidents and matte white props. The impression is very futuristic. It even includes a camera! The included camera is two megapixels and can capture both still photos and video recordings. There are other (larger) drones on the market with much better cameras, but as far as mini drones go, this little guy can capture some great images with its camera.

This drone also has three speed modes. Like we’ve mentioned before, this is an excellent feature for people new to flying. Once the pilot starts to get more comfortable with the drone they can advance to the medium speed setting and finally the fast speed setting. This is a great all around little drone that is a great starter drone or addition to any drone collection.

Bee Pro by Metakoo

Mini Drones for Sale

This is a mid-level mini drone. The price is above most of the drones we have included in this list, but it also offers more features. This drone is basically a full size drone packaged in a mini drone body. Special technology allows the drone to sense changes in air pressure during flight, making it adjust the altitude accordingly to maintain a steady altitude.

It also includes a high definition camera that is ideal for recording videos. Just like a few of the other mini drones it also has three different flight speeds for different flying experience levels or different flight situations while still remaining under one hundred dollars in price.

Airborne Cargo by Parrot


Who doesn’t love a parrot? The yellow version of this drone is known as Travis. It is made out of extremely durable metal, making it shock resistant and resistant to damage.Prop guards are also included in the standard packaging to make it safer to fly in the home without incurring damage to the drone or anything it may be flown in to. The Airborne Cargo does include a camera that is capable of taking videos as well as pictures with ease.

The cargo part of the name is because it is really designed to carry cargo! The drone has a small compartment in it that can hold very small objects such as lego people. Flight time for this drone is around nine minutes in the air and it takes less than half an hour to fully charge so there is no need to wait extended periods of time between flights. The Parrot makes an excellent gift and perhaps even a great alternative to a real parrot!

The Nano QX by Blade

Mini Quadcopter with Camera

Another mid level drone, two options are available. You can purchase the standard drone package with just what you need for the drone to fly or you can get the special bundle that includes a second battery for a little more financial investment. Do not let the small size of this drone fool you. It has special safety features that make it extremely agile during flight in order to keep the drone as safe as possible.

The Nano also comes with pop guards, making it a great drone for children to fly indoors. It is one of the most durable mini drones that can be found on the market today and if you are afraid your child or the pilot of the drone might crash it several times, this drone is a good option. Even though it will withstand repeated impacts, the low price of this drone mean it is easy to replace if it does get damaged beyond repair.

The F180C by Holy Stone

Drone Mini

This brand is commonly known because it makes drones that look extraterrestrial. They are very appealing to look at while still and during flight. This specific model has a black, glossy finish along with two sets of props. One is black and one is white for a very appealing visual contrast to make the drone stand out.

The drone also includes a camera that takes reasonably good quality videos for the 720p it has. One touch complete three sixty flips are a cinch to complete and the drone even has a hover mode that can help capture the perfect aerial footage. Flight time for this drone is about with minutes in the air and the control distance for the transmitter is nearly fifty meters before the user will start to notice some lagging.

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