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The Best Drones for Go Pro Cameras

GoPro cameras have become popular within the drone market, making it easy to take breathtaking aerial photography and videography with a well-designed quadcopter. We have compiled a list of the top drones for GoPro camera Hero edition. Each one has different gimbal, payloads and stabilization systems and has various features that stand out.

The Phantom 2 Quad by DJI

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The Phantom 2 quadcopter was designed for compatibility with a GoPro camera. Phantom is a sturdy and reliable drone being utilized by many to record amazing videos of exquisite quality. It also includes a return home function, which prevents you needing to retrieve the drone if the drone loses range or the battery gets low. It has a GPS system as well as other included safety features that prevent crashes.

This quadcopter comes with a zenmuse gimbal, which is a new and advanced technology gimbal that provides with streamlined video recording and excellent camera stability. The Phantom 2 has a generous trip time of up to 25 minutes with one charge. The drone is large, however, making it ideal for outdoor areas. Fortunately, it also boasts a very generous range of three hundred meters making this a great long range drone.

The Blade 350 Series QX3 Ready to Fly Quad

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This quadcopter offers an excellent GoPro drone camera. It is specifically designed for quickly taking pictures and video with the presence of a quality GPS, easy controls, and good safety features. The 350 has a basic mount, which makes it easy to attach your favorite camera to the drone. It has a generous trip time of up to fifteen minutes on an individual charge.

It also includes a broad range and includes a return to home function. Specialty flight modes are designed to make it simple to take aerial pictures and video. The flight modes include auto-leveling to help keep the video even and makes use of individual sensors for altitude and GPS that contribute to maintaining the drone in a hover.

Ionic Stratus Drone Quad

Ionic stratus quadcopter offers an excellent value and an action geared camera. It has a little flight range of about 150m and can do some fun things like those 3D flips. It allows a flight time of 10 minutes on each charge. There is also an additional battery available if you desire extended flying time. It supports the special headless function, 3D rolls with the touch of a button has a led light and is shock resistant.

One thing to consider is that there is not a gimbal that comes with this drone, which makes the video quality questionable at times. Not having a gimbal means the camera can shake too much to get quality recordings. However, some of this is removed by a unique rubber fixture that helps support the camera.

3DR Solo Quad

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The Solo is a quadcopter that is guided by a computer and has several interesting functions for taking videos. It is designed with cameras in consideration and can control the camera with ease. It offers HD streaming through wifi. The Solo gimbal gives you a steady and smooth video and control of your camera. It has eight props and comes with an extra battery.

The quadcopter offers some unique functions including orbit. This allows you to zero in your camera on an object and gets wrap-around shots moving in a circular track while keeping the camera zeroed in on the target. It also has cable cam, which allows you to lock the drone on the equivalent to a virtual wire, allowing you to control the camera. The flight range is more than 800m and the flight time is around 20 minutes. The flight range is impressive as well.If you're looking for capturing professional and unique video with GoPro camera, this is your drone.

Iris+ 3DR Quad

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This quadcopter has many great features if you want to take superior photos and videos. It includes a flight ability of up to 22 minutes on one charge, and the flight range is 800m even with the FPV turned on. It possesses a Go Pro compatible camera mount allowing you to secure the camera to the drone safely.

The Iris+ includes flight safety modes. It will return home if it flies out of range. It has a follow mode which makes the drone follow your every move and keep you focused on the camera, which is useful in action sports.

The Walkera Ready to Fly QR X350 Professional

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The Walkera QR X350 is a quadcopter that is superb for taking excellent aerial videos and photos. It allows you to capture smooth and flawless aerial footage. The flying time is up to 23 minutes, rather impressive for this type of drone. The drone also has an FPV-system, which broadcast in-flight streaming to the radio.

The gimbal included with the drone and the GoPro transmitter, it works with 5.8GHZ FPV technology, preventing interference with the radio control system. It also comes with a return home function. This drone is ready to go out of the box and is designed to work with most go pro cameras.

CX20 Pro Quadcopter RC by Cxhobby

This quadcopter is an inexpensive drone but looks very similar to the DJI Phantom. It has up to fifteen minutes of flight time and includes a bright led light which makes for an improved flight experience.The quadcopter does not come with a camera but does include a mount that is compatable with many cameras, and additional mounts can be purchased.Other useful features including a low battery warning and the return home function should communication between the controller and drone be lost.

Ehang Ghost Drone 2.0

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The Ghost drone is a crowd funding quadcopter, which is an excellent platform for professional aerial photography and videos. The drone is controlled by either an Android or ios device. This possesses a sports camera. It also has some nifty features including the follow mode. This is useful when you want to record yourself biking, doing water sports, and jogging.

It has a flight time of 25 minutes once charged, which is a top-flight time for drones in this market.The drone possesses a 3-axis airplane grade gimbal included to further keep the camera stable making it work with any other GoPro cameras. The return to home function kicks in when the connection gets lost. It is also weather resistant.

Parrot AR 2.0 Drone Quad

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An ANDROID/IOS device also controls this drone. It is small in size making it easy to navigate through smaller spaces. This drone includes an HD camera that offers live video that goes directly to your smartphone. It has a range of 50m and has a flight time of about 12 minutes.

It was not made as an action camera, but it is a lot of fun to control. The drone comes with a full HD camera to meet any video and picture needs. It possesses a 6-axis system for improved flight and pciture stability.It also has a special hovering mode, 360 rotation, and a unique headless mode. The flight range is 100m and its time trip is 12 minutes, making it an excellent all-around drone to consider.

Xplorer G Quad by Xiro

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The Xiro Xplorer offers the ideal aerial recording experience to its user. The image and video smoothness is nothing of spectacle. It comes with a 3-axis gimbal, which is ideal for GoPro. It can also attach your smartphone to the controller. Its flight time is 25 minutes, and the flight ranges up to 500m. It also possesses some handy features including the follow me mode, hovering and real time live preview.

Chroma Quad by Blade

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This is a high-end quadcopter that arrives GoPro drone camera ready. It brings some serious competition in the market. It is created to offer you easy video recording and still shot photos. This drone has thirty minutes of flight time, follow features, tracking, and easy to use controls.This drone takes security seriously. Making it an excellent choice you can count on with your any GoPro camera. It features a trip range of around 1,900 feet and maximizes GPS technology for its flexible flight boundaries.

Typhoon G Quad by Yuneec

This drone gives a perfect aerial shot time in and time out. It has a great 3-axis gimbal with stabilizer where you can mount the GoPro camera easily. It is packed with great features including, but not limited to altitude hold, follow me features. It includes a dedicated transmitter, which enables it to have an impressive range. The flight range is 800m away, and is able to endure of 20 minutes of flight time at one charge. The Typhoon is an amazing drone no matter the situations you are going to use it for.

AP9 Quad AEE Tech

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This quadcopter certainly one of the very best drones that gives allows you to capture some amazing aerial photos and videos. The drone has a flight range of more than 500m and flight time of 25 minutes. The flight speed is 44 miles per hour, which makes it incredibly fast. The drone does not include a camera, but it works when attached with GoPro and AEE S-series mount support.

Splash DroneThis drone is an excellent quality quadcopter. It has a waterproof gimbal that allows tilting of the GoPro to get aerial shot without fail. It can also be controlled by a smartphone and a flight range of 500m and the flight time is 25 minutes.

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Walker Tali H500

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The alien-like hexacopter is still the best model drone ever created. It has a superior GPS and hover functionalities.The drone comes with an HD camera. It has a three axis gimbal, the gimbals is brushless drone, which is called G-3D. It is also used for FPV and telemetry readings. It supports the Hero and other cameras of a similar size. It is operated by a DEVO transmitter that works on 12 channels and allows OSD information.

The features, especially the return to home function makes the drone even more unique. It has other features, which include one key guides, circle me, and Orientation Control. The battery can power up to 25 minutes of flying time. The flight range is up to 500m without disconnecting it the controls.

Aton Quad by Traxxas

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This is a great drone with the ability to carry a large load. The drone equipped with some unique features such as dual GPS system, air brakes, 2 flight and includes several bright led lights.

The flight range is about 300m and the flight time is 15 minutes. The flight speed is 50miles per hour, which makes it the best when it comes to drone racing. The return to home function applies when the connection gets lost. This is also one of the cool features the quadcopter possess.

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​Go Pro Cameras

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Go Pro offers many different types of GoPro action cameras. The original Hero is still the most sought after among the GoPro cameras. It can capture completely HD videos, and it also excels at 720 pixels where it captures 60fps.

The GoPro Hero 5Black is capable of taking HD videos and high quality pictures. It is a waterproof camera, and auto sends the video to your camera cloud. It has the stabilization and perfect audio level.

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