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​Top 10 Drones with Follow Me Mode

The follow me feature available on some drones is quickly increasing in popularity. Follow me mode allows the drone to follow the user utilizing GPS for a unique experience. Many of these drones keep the user centered in the camera or allow the camera angle to be changed as needed. The drone flyer can record bike rides, runs, leisurely drives, and many other activities easily with this feature. For this reason, more and more drones are being made that offer this specialty mode.

With so many options available it may be difficult to decide which drone you should get. To help you decide more quickly, we’ve put together a comprehensive list of the Top 10 drones that offer the follow me feature.

Inspire 1 Pro Drone Black Edition

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Smooth, reliable flying provided by a newly designed propeller and special installation kit along with an easy to control motor and a stabilized camera are nothing compared to the visual design of this drone. It has a remarkable black shell and matching remote control without sacrificing any function for visual appeal.

Have something specific you want to focus on during your flight? You can program the drone to keep it centered no matter where it goes! You can even control the level of focus. You can have the lens focus on a specific person or object or the background in any order and for any length of time to fully individualize your recording experience. The app has a dial function that is very similar to using a focus lens on a camera. Photographers will find this very natural to do and the rest of us can manage it too!

This drone is perfect for someone with experience flying mid-level drones wanting more of a challenge and more advanced features and isn't the best option for the average user just starting out in the drone world. However, even a beginner is sure to want this done on their wishlist soon!

Solo’s 3DR Drone Quadcopter

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This Quadcopter offers an app on both iOS and android platforms to make controlling the drone easier than ever. It also offers a controller that is very similar to a gaming controller to make it easy to use with very little time for acclimation to a new controller design. Commands can be initiated with a single button push for ease of use and quick response time so the user has full control over the drone’s actions.

This drone also has an HDMI port on the controller so you can connect it to most other screens to view the footage. The advanced GPS system on this drone allows the user to set a predetermined flight and let the technology do the rest. The drone requires little to no flight maneuvering once the destination has been set.

Autel Robotics X-Star Drone

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If you like to let your drone get ahead of you, but still want to have a live feed of what it is recording, this drone is an excellent choice. The live view feature extends up to 1.2 miles away and has an app that works on iOS or android platforms. The drone with camera is Ultra HD 4k for superior recording. The GPS on this drone is also extraordinary for navigation outside and even has a special technology known as secure fly to prevent magnetic interference. It performs well at low altitude and conditions many other drones would become erratic and hard to control in.

The charger included with this drone only takes one hour for a full charge. There’s no reason to wait hours and hours to get back out there with your drone! It also includes a 64GB MicroSD card, a hard case, and an extra propeller and other small parts.

Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon Drone

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The Q500+ Typhoon comes equipped with a 16 megapixel HD camera that is 1080p 60FPS that has a specially redesigned camera lens to help reduce image distortion. The Typhoon’s camera is also removable should you want to use it elsewhere or upgrade it down the road. The transmitter of this drone offers a real-time image feed so you always know exactly what is being recorded and the camera can be adjusted accordingly.

The display is a 5.5” touchscreen display for easy drone control. One of the most outstanding features of this drone is the flight time, which exceeds the average drone flight time and allows the user to fly it for up to 25 minutes utilizing the included 5,200 mAh battery. As an additional bonus, the drone comes with not one, but two batteries. The bonus features aren’t limited to including an additional battery. This drone also comes with two propellers and an aluminum case to help keep your drone safe when it isn’t in use.

The Blade Chroma Bind-N-Fly Drone with GoPro Mount

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Please note that this drone does not include the GoPro Camera, but does include a mount for a GoPro to be added to the drone. This drone utilizes advanced SAFE Plus technology, has a 30 minute flight time, and can capture aerial video with the addition of a GoPro camera. It can also bind to a 4+ channel DSM2/DSMX transmitter, sold separately.

The Bind-N-Fly gopro drone is also easy to fly and does not require any previous drone flying experience.The safe circle option on this drone helps keep the user safe by creating a boundary the drone can't fly into. It has easy to use controls that make the drone go whichever direction you push the stick regardless of what direction the drone may be facing.

These features make the Bind-N-Fly an excellent drone for new users or young flyers. If the drone loses signal it automatically returns to the take-off point and it also has a one switch control to manually return the drone as well to help reduce the risk of the losing the drone while beginner flyers learn how to maintain control. Flight parameters can also be set to keep the drone away from no-fly zones or even just to keep it out of the neighbor's yard.

If the user is more advanced, the smart mode can be turned off and AP mode used instead. In this mode, the drone controls become more advanced and the auto-safety features are reduced to give the user more control of the flight experience.

The DJI Phantom P3-Standard Drone

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A true budget drone with superior recording abilities, this drone still offers a 2.7k HD video camera that sits on a 3 axis, completely stabilized gimbal. It also offers an app for android and iOS platforms that give the user access to live viewing and camera control. The drone can be used directly out of the box with it’s rechargeable remote and battery.

Digital streaming is available for 720p video and a full resolution recording is produced on the microSD found inside the drone. The Phantom is also ideal for indoor flying because of its vision positioning system.

Lost sight of your drone during flight? No need to worry, when the drone loses signal from the controller it will return to the take off point it recorded using its intelligent GPS system so you won't lose your drone. When the drone takes off it starts out in hover mode so the user won't have problems regaining control or keeping up with the drone.

This allows the user time to manually fly the drone wherever they want, making it a great option for new drone flyers. When the user stops telling the drone where to go it automatically enters hover mode as well. New drone flyers can also set height and distance limits for the drone so it doesn't get out of sight or into potentially dangerous areas.

Yuneec Typhoon H UHD Drone

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Boasting 6 rotors and a 5 rotor failsafe this drone has collision prevention features to help keep you and your drone safe. It utilizes GPS flight control with smart flight modes in 8 different settings. This drone requires absolutely no experience to fly and offers auto take-off, landing, and automatic return to home features that are easily accessible on the controller.

The touch-screen on the controller is 7 inches and utilizes an android running platform. It also has a 4k camera that is ready to record straight out of the box and offers 12-megapixel photos and the drone even has retractable landing gear for true 360-degree recording.

Another surprising feature is propellors that are easy and quick to disconnect and rotor arms that fold down for compact storage. Having too much fun and forget to check the battery level on your drone? With the Typhoon H you don't have to! The drone has a feature that automatically returns the unit when the battery gets low and needs to charge.


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Automatic settings for takeoff and return utilizing GPS technology allow for easy control of the Phantom 4 drone. The camera is a breeze to monitor and adjust using mobile app controls for the HD, 4k camera. It offers an upgraded f/2.8 lens with a broad view and clear image. Is there something you’d like the camera to focus on? The drone has a hover setting that means you can capture whatever you want, whenever you want.

DJI software is included that allows the user to edit videos with text, music, and other fun options to further personalize the user’s experience. Battery life on the Phantom 4 is also worth noting. In user tests, the hover feature alone can be used for up to 28 minutes (starting with a full battery) and flight can last 20-30 minutes under normal flying conditions.

Extreme wind or other conditions will reduce the flight time, but this done has one of the better flight times currently available on the market. The charge time is also impressive, taking just 1.5 hours to fully charge from a nearly dead battery.

Mavic Pro Drone by DJI

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One of the most portable drones in the market, the Mavic Pro folds down to the same size as a bottle of water. There’s no reason not to take it with you! It has a transmission system with a range of up to 4.3 miles with speeds up to 40 miles per hour with an incredible flight time of up to 27 minutes. The Mavic Pro also has many smart features to assist in making effortlessly professional looking videos with full stabilization for smooth recording.

Going somewhere with lots of tricky obstacles to fly around? Never fear! This drone has special obstacle avoidance controls to help improve safety and reliability in flight including 5 vision sensors. It picks up potential obstacles as far as 49 feet away to help keep your drone as safe as possible.

GPS assists in positioning whether you’re flying inside or outside as well. It has vision sensors specialized designed and placed so this drone does not require GPS availability to hover like most drones. Instead, the drone can use hover mode manually with its up and downward facing vision sensors.

Auto-Follow AirDog Drone

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Perfect for the adventure lover this air drone automatically follows the user while recording when in follow me mode. It has several built-in auto modes specifically geared toward adventure sports and has a compact design allowing you to fold it and throw it in a backpack easily.Specialty flight modes include adaptive follow, fixed-follow, aim and hover, line-follow, and path-follow.

It also has two automated landing modes. One returns the drone home and the other lands it on the current location. A few of the flight modes will not allow on the spot landing because it is programmed for a destination, so keep this in mind before selecting your flight mode for your adventure.

Rated the best drone at CES in 2015, this done is still an excellent choice for any outdoor enthusiast. Throw it in your bag before you head out on your next adventure and show all your friends what they’re missing out on!

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