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The Best Cheap Brushless Quadcopters

Although fairly new to the drone world, brushless DC motors have long been used in radio-controlled models. The main difference between these motors and ones that use brushes is that while spinning, they do not use brushes. This offers the main advantage of reducing friction thus increasing efficiency and is ideal for drones that require constant use of the motor.


• More powerful

• Better durability

• Less heat build-up

• Require less maintenance


• Tend to be bigger than brush motors

• More expensive


drone motors

Going for about $120, the JJRC x1 is one of the cheapest brushless motor drones on the market.

A Powerful Punch

The drone’s 2280KV motors are powerful enough to let you keep control in most wind conditions and have enough muscle to mount a decent sized action camera. The JJRC x1 can carry a GoPro, but smaller cameras are recommended if you do not want to hinder the drone’s performance too much. Essentialy its an over glorified GoPro drone.

Tricky Take-Offs and Landings

The JJRC x1’s transmitter and controller are relatively low, toy grade quality compared to the more expensive brands. The controller can also be a bit fiddly and the starting sequence to get the JJRCx1 in the air can be a bit tricky unit you get used to it.


Motors: D1806 - 2280KV

Battery: 7.4V 1300mAh

Stabilization: 6 axis gyro

Flying range: up to 300 m

Flight duration: up to 15 minutes


• Good mobility

• Fast

• Powerful enough to carry an action camera


• Weak led lights

• Prone to tipping over when landing


Don’t let the price fool you; the JJRC x1 is a fast and accomplished machine in the right hands. The brushless drone is great fun to fly and very affordably priced.

Cheerson CX-20

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The Cheerson CX-20 is the cheapest brushless drone with GPS currently available on the market costing around $270. It is a robust platform for a video camera that comes with an excellent, hobby grade transmitter.

The CX-20 package does not include a camera, but the drone is plenty powerful enough to carry most of the GoPro range. It is also capable of holding a gimbal for a camera.

Return Home GPS

Arguably the CX-20 biggest selling point is its built-in GPS that allows the drone self-navigate back to you via the ´´return home´´ function. As is to be expected for the price, however, the GPS isn’t top grade and does have a few niggles.


Flight duration: 15 minutes

Stabilization: 6 axis gyro

Flying range: 300m


• Robust design

• Can carry a big action camera

• Auto return home function


• GPS could be better

• Legs can get in shot of action camera


Overall, the CX-20 is a great camera drone with enough features including the GPS to make it a real value for money buy.

Blade 200 QX

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Costing about $230, the 200 QX is at the higher end of the cheap brushless range, more so as you will have to buy a separate transmitter.

Three Flying Modes

One of the best things about the 200 QX are the three pre-programmed flying modes it offers. The low angle stability mode is ideal for filming, especially if you haven’t attached a gimbal to your camera. The high angle stability mode alters the pitch of the rotors, allowing the drone to be flown at higher speeds. The agility mode is a no-holds-barred setting enabling you to do stunts. Three of the gyro axis are disabled which makes the drone extremely maneuverable and sensitive to any touch of the controls.

Camera Friendly

The 200 QX does not come equipped with a camera but despite its size has enough power to carry a decent sized action one. There is a custom made camera for this drone available to buy separately, or a better option is to go for something like a GoPro or a Mobius.


Flying duration: up to 10 minutes

Stabilization: 6 axis gyro

Battery: 3.7 v 800 mAh


• Powerful

• Very fast and agile

• Capable of holding a GoPro


• Limited battery life

• Outer shell can crack


Aimed at the hobbyist, the Blade 200 QX is an accomplished stunt drone but can also double as a good camera platform.

Aosenma CG035

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The CG035 priced at just under $200, it is an excellent value for money brushless quad packed full of features.

Follow Me

Top of this list is the very popular ‘’follow me drone’’ mode. This allows you to set the CG035 to automatically follow you via the transmitter and record whatever action sport you are doing.

The CG035 also has the option of automatically circling a GPS waypoint, allowing the cameras to get a 360-degree view of your chosen target.

While in the GPS mode, the drone has a one-key take-off and altitude hold. This keeps the CG035 at a consistent height but still allows you to control the roll, pitch, and yaw. There is also a one-key landing option.

FHD Camera

The CG035 comes equipped with a 1080P full high definition (FHD) camera that can be used as an FPV or to record the action.


Flight duration: 15-20 minutes

Flying range: up to 500 meters

Stabilization: 6 Axis Gyro

Battery: 4V 2200mAh Battery


• Altitude Hold

• GPS location tracking

• Hot Point Following

• One Key Automatic Return

• Point of Interest mode


· Proprietary battery

· Poorly written instruction manual

· No software currently available


Thanks to its abundance of features, the CG035 is easy to operate and fly.

ROA Parkour 280 Racer

quadcopter brushless motor

ROA is a new player in the R/C world, having only previously produced a handful of drones. Their Parkour Racer 280 is a ready-to-fly brushless racer retailing at just over $200.

Good Quality Build

A modular drone with foldable arms and a carbon fiber frame to minimize weight, the Racer 280 is very portable. It can be packed up into its included carrying case along with the transmitter.

Overall the 280 Racer is a sturdy little machine, and the rotor arms are capable of absorbing some of the impact of a crash. However, the plastic canopy has a tendency to pop-off during robust flying.

Excellent Handling

The Racer 280 is a real joy to fly. It has two standard flight modes—normal and advanced. In either setting, the drone turns on a dime, has just the right power to weight ratio and is fast. The Racer 280 can execute smooth banking at full speed and can handle winds without too much problem.


The Racer 280 comes equipped with a basic 700 TVL camera with a wide angle lens. This only broadcasts and does not record, but it can easily be replaced with a GoPro or similar camera.

There is an excellent stabilization platform which holds the camera in front of the quad to stop it vibrating.


Flight duration: up to 15 minutes

Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh 30C Li-Po

Stabilization: 6 axis gyro


• Agile and fast

• Simple to use

• Robust design


• No GPS

• Spare parts hard to find


The Racer 280 is ideal for the racing novice but equally, has enough performance to satisfy the more experienced flyer.

Bayangtoys X16

brushless motor quadcopter

The X16 is a decent budget camera quadcopter costing just under $120. That being said, the built-in camera is a low-quality 2MP / 720p model that offers only passable video recording. Ideally, you would want to replace this camera with a GoPro or similar.

Powerful Motors

In contrast to its camera, the x16 offers a decent level of performance. Its powerful brushless motors are rare on a drone of this price and provide enough power for smooth flight. The X16 won’t win any speed races, but it provides a very stable camera platform even in demanding wind conditions up to 10 mph.

The X16 has two flight modes - beginner, and expert. It also has an automatic return and land option along with 360-degree flip and roll over functions.


Flying Time: 12-16mins

Battery: 11.1V 2200mAh

Flying range: up to 800 meters

Stabilization: 6 axis gyro


· Very stable flyer

· Camera mount can carry GoPro


· Gyros need regular recalibration

· Fragile landing gear

· No gimbal port


The X16 is a toy grade drone that while lacking some higher-end features still offers a very powerful camera quadcopter with the potential to lift a GoPro for a low price.

Eachine Falcon 180

quadcopter motor mount

Costing just under $190, the Falcon 180 is another brushless racing drone perfect for beginners as its ready to fly straight out of the box. The Falcon 180 has only one flight mode. This set up keeps the drone stable and level but still allows banking of up to 50 degrees - the ideal parameters for the beginner. The Falcon 180 is capable of speeds more than 80 km/h thanks in part to the 10 degree angled motors and its carbon fiber frame.

FPV Camera and LED Bar

The Falcon 180 comes equipped with a 700TVL FPV camera on a vibration dampened mount which produces a decent quality picture. This mount is also adjustable, allowing you to fix the camera at an angle and can also carry an action camera such as the Runcam 2.

The Falcon 180 has a rear mounted LED bar which helps you identify your drone if you are flying with others. The LEDs change color depending on your direction and stick position.


Battery: 11.1V 3s 1500 35C battery

Camera: 700TVL FPV

Transmitter/Receiver: Eachine i6


· Comes with lots of spare kit

· Durable carbon fiber frame

· Adjustable FPV camera

· Angled motors


· Landing legs prone to bend on hard crashes

· LED bar is fragile


If you are looking for an affordable, ready-to-fly racing quadcopter, the Falcon 180 is hard to beat.

Walkera Hoten X

best quadcopter motors

Retailing at $175, the Walkera Hoten X is a big, robust drone with a large prop. Aimed at the intermediate flyer, the Hoten X is powerful but relatively straightforward to fly.

Excellent Handling

The drone has a stable hover but is equally at home doing flips and rolls in mid-flight. If you do crash, the Hoten X is strong enough to survive without too much damage. You can choose between six and three axis modes depending on how acrobatically you want to fly the drone. Take off, and landing is simple thanks to wide and very sturdy rubber tipped landing gear.


Flight Time: up to 10 minutes

Battery: 7.4V, 1000mah Li-Pro

Stabilization: 6 axis gyro

Flying range: 100 meters


· Very stable, responsive, and smooth flying


· Doesn’t use a standard battery plug

· Telemetry feature’s firmware needs special adapters


Overall, the Hoten X is well-built and powerful. A good choice if you want a simple, straightforward drone.

XK X251

quadcopter motor rotatio

The X251 is the ideal cheap brushless drone for the beginner. Costing only a shade over $100, the drone is robust, fast, agile and has a good range. It can also carry a small Mobius action camera or FPV kit.

The X251 has excellent responsive controls that make it very easy to fly and a smooth vertical take-off. The later versions of this model also have auto-flips and return to rear facing.


Stabilization: 6-axis gyros

Battery: 7.4V 950mAh LiPo battery

Flight time: Up to 12 mins

Range: 300m


· Fast

· Sturdy ABS structure


· No extra features


The X251 is a great entry level brushless drone.

Eachine Racer 250

quadcopter motor layout

Priced at around $160, the BTF Racer 250 is designed for racers on a budget who do not want to spend a lot of money every time they crash. As an out and out racer, the drone doesn’t have any pre-programmed stunts nor an on-board GPS system. However, when the voltage gets low, the drone will automatically land rather than plow into the ground.

Two-Mode Flying

The Racer 250 has two flight modes - normal and professional. In normal flight mode, the drone will stabilize when you ease off the control stick. Professional mode the quad will go faster and do stunts and tricks.


The onboard 1000 TVL HD camera has a wide-angle lens that gives a great field of view and the Racer 250 can be flown in the dark thanks to its built-in HD night flight system. The FPV camera allows you to see a couple of hundred meters ahead at night and during the day, a big improvement over other racers. The drone also has a built-in mount with shock absorbers to mount a second camera such as a GoPro.


Battery: LiPo 3S 1500 mAh

Flight time: 15 minutes


· Good build quality

· Great fun to fly


· No transmitter included

· Spares have to be ordered online


The user-friendly Racer 250 is clearly designed to be flown hard and crashed hard all at top speed - enough to bring a smile to the face of any flyer.

Eachine Assassin 180

best quadcopter brushless motor

Costing around $170, the Assassin 180 is a straight-up racer for both newcomers to the sport and more experienced fliers. The drone’s biggest advantage over other brushless racers is the inclusion of a GPS system and VR glasses.

A Fast Flyer

The Assassin 180 is very quick and has three pre-programmed flight modes: standard, advanced, and altitude hold. The drone is very stable in standard mode, and while there are no pre-programmed stunts, the advanced setting allows you to fly as acrobatically as you want. The GPS allows the Assassin to hold its position better than many other racers. However, there is no ‘’return home’’ feature or an auto-hover capability.

Despite its fragile appearance, the Assassin 180 is relatively sturdy for a racer and has good crash survivability.

FPV Camera

Although the Assassin 180 is not an action camera platform, it does have an onboard 520 TVL system that broadcasts a real-time video stream. This camera is a little lower resolution than other FPV systems but still works well in a variety of light conditions and has a night vision capability.


Battery: LiPo 3S 1100 mAh

Flight time: 8 minutes



· Barometer, gyro, and compass

· VR glasses included


GPS system can take time to locate signals


The Assassin is not a beautiful looking machine by any stretch of the imagination. However, if you are looking to start in multi-rotor racing, then the Assassin 180 is ideal.

HiSky HMX 280

choosing motors for quadcopter

The HMX 280 is a good all round brushless drone for the beginner, costing around the $170 mark.

It is very powerful and stable, with flying speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour and a maximum tilt angle of 60° to 70°.

Perhaps the HMX 20’s biggest stand-out feature of is its water resistance. The drone can be flown in wet weather and even survive a quick dunk in water.

The HMX does not come with a camera but is capable of carrying a light and small action one like the XiaoMi Yi. The basic version of the drone is not equipped with a Gimbal, but one can easily be attached if necessary. There is also enough room to fit a GPS satellite receiver.


Flight time: Up to 10 minutes

Flight range: 350 to 400 meters

Battery: 11.1V 1350mAh Battery

Stabilization: 6 axis self-balance


· Well-built

· Water resistant


· No added features, such a camera or GPS


The HMX 20 is an inexpensive, well-built, dependable and water-resistant quadcopter that is a delight to fly.

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