Best Drone For Real Estate (Photography For Realtors)

best drone for real estate

The Best Drones for Professional Real Estate Photography

The real estate market is highly competitive and many of the realtors in the market are upping the game by investing in professional real estate drone photography that will give their customers a complete and bird’s eye view of the properties that they are planning to purchase.

Estate drones add an extra cutting edge to real estate marketing. They add a visual intrigue to the real estate marketing that will give you an instant edge. Customers will be more captivated by the drone footage of the property that you are planning to sell them. Real estate drone photography allows you to capture clear aerial footage of the real estate without spending a fortune.

Before the advent of the real estate drone applications, it is perhaps important to keep mind what many real estate companies used to deploy in the past to capture aerial footage. Most of these companies would generally hire a copter for a few hours of drone footage at a steep cost. The hourly cost of hiring a copter is perhaps the same as or even more expensive than the cost of a single high quality property drone.

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For most real estate companies, an estate drone not only delivers a superb marketing value; it is also a more affordable option of capturing high quality aerial footage of properties that can subsequently be showcased to customers.

The Importance of Drones for the Real Estate Industry

Whether you specialize in commercial or residential real estate, an estate drone can offer you good value in multiple ways. These include the following:-

· Real estate drones provide the best ways through which you can capture unique and complete views of your properties. It provides 360 degree panoramic view footage in a way that ordinary photos cannot and for property buyers, drone footage really leaves nothing to the imagination, enabling them to have a complete picture of how the property will look.

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· Buyers watching drone footage not only have a good view of the property they are interested in, the drone footage will also showcase the entire neighbourhood where the property is situated. An end user will be able to get a complete picture of the community they are planning to live in without physically visiting the location. That helps in cutting costs for both parties.

· Real estate drones offer a good amount of convenience and manoeuvrability, especially in highly populated commercial and residential areas. You can fly a drone over a busy and populated area without interfering with the surroundings. Drones are generally less intrusive compared to helicopters which are loud and distract people. The small size of the drone also allows you to capture very dynamic perspectives of the property. These are some of the small details that impress buyers and can make a huge difference during a real estate presentation.

· Property drones lends themselves to uses such as real estate mapping and surveys.

· If you are selling real estate, a good property drone is the perfect way to boost your packaging and increase the ROI on your real estate sales.

 drone real estate photography

Increasingly, many real estate companies are now using real estate drones because they make the real estate footage more affordable. That cuts down on the marketing budget of any real estate company and allows them to deliver more powerful, comprehensive and realistic presentations to their customers.

While there are high quality real estate drones that can cost thousands of dollars, the most viable entry level models that can still deliver great footage start at only a few hundred dollars. The various camera attachments required to capture the footage are also moderately priced so it won’t cost you a fortune to get started on aerial shooting and incorporate real estate video footage in most of your property listings, a marketing revolution that will generate more eyeballs on your property listings.

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The only significant cost a real estate marketing company might grapple withy is hiring a professional drone pilot who has extensive experience in capturing real estate footage-video and stills. Alternatively, a real estate company can also have an in-house skilled drone pilot so as to lower the cost of capturing and editing drone video footage.

The right estate drone should offer you high definition footage, whether video or image stills. They should also have good flight time which will allow you to comfortably shoot good length quality property videos without much interruption. A good drone will not only deliver superior performance but also help you adhere with FAA regulations.

Here, we review some of the best drones that you can use for your real estate shoots. Check them out and start giving your real estate agency the real competitive edge in the marketplace that will bring the leads rolling in.

The DJI Inspire 2 Drone

 drones for real estate

The Inspire 2 drone is suited for high-end real estate shooting. If you are running a real estate marketing department and do not want to outsource your drone shooting needs, then the Inspire 2 drone is a world class quad that will surpass your expectations. It does not come cheap; it will set you back over $6,000 (plus thousands of dollars more on accessories) but that quality of the real estate videography is top notch. It delivers Hollywood-quality cinematography.

Quality-wise, the DJI Inspire 2 will live up to the billing. It has some of the best performance and camera shooting specs that will assure your real estate firm of professional quality drone footage. It also has good speed with a top speed of up to 67km/hr. It has good capacity redundant batteries that can give you very good flight time to allow for extensive shooting. The control system is impeccable; it will take quite an effort and a whole new level of inexperience to crash this drone.

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The DJI Inspire 2 is built for professional drone footage. It has a host of cinematic features that you will appreciate if you are looking for high quality real estate shots that you can use with your clients and on your real estate shooting. These include videography-inclined features such as its fully rotating gimbal and dual operator compatibility. The manufacturer also offers a very generous warranty for this high-end real estate drone.

Away from the mechanics and the flight performance of the drone, the real clincher here is the powerful drone camera. The resolution is quite impressive and it can even capture a 4k video at 60fps. The camera also offers various capture options such as the ProRes and the Cinema DNG option. The DJI Inspire 2 is a professional drone made to be used for professional applications so using it can be a bit cumbersome and it will require getting used to if you want to capture good footage with it and push it to its design potential.

The powerful and fully-featured build also means that the price is a little steeper. Apart from the higher prices, you also have to foot the cost of the extras such as SSIDs that you need to purchase to professionally operate the drone.

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While drone itself costs roughly $6000, the overall cost will probably be around $10,000 once you are done buying the various extras you need to deploy this drone professionally.

Here is an overview of the features of the DJI Inspire 2:-

  • The drone is equipped with a 20MP camera which is interchangeable. The camera can rotate 360 degrees to give you excellent footage at all angles.
  • Has various automated flight features such as the Waypoint, Return to Home and Orbit
  • Delivers live video feed at 720p
  • Various media format options available including microSD, microSDHC and microSDXC.
  • Can be controlled remotely with the help of an app.
  • Captures quality raw video footage at 5.2K bat 30fps.
  • Has robust and durable magnesium alloy bodywork so it can absorb a few hits.
  • Has excellent obstacle detection and collision avoidance functionality. As stated, you will have to “work” extra hard to crash this powerful and versatile drone.
  • Has a dual operation mode. It can be operated by two people with one steering the drone while the other is operating the camera. That allows each person to focus on a single task and deliver great results. Multitasking can be counterproductive in an environment where you need to bring out the best in a real estate feature that will impress your customers.

If you are looking for an excellent quality real estate drone and money is not object, meaning you are willing to spend up to $10,000 on an expensive drone and its accessories, then the DJI Inspire 2 will definitely not disappoint. It has excellent performance and build and will deliver high quality raw video footage for your real estate marketing department with which you can wow your customers and ramp up the leads, conversions and sales.


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The Yuneec Tornado H920 is one of the larger drones that you can use for your real estate videography and the size can be a little intimidating. However, don’t let the size throw you off because this drone handles really well and delivers incredible footage.

Because it is larger and slightly heavier, it has a very large momentum. However, you can still fly it smoothly at high speeds with the GPS enabled. You can lower or raise its landing gears so as to deploy its gimbals and its two remote controls.

The drone is built with a powerful ST24 controller which has a large LCD touch screen. The screen indicates various types of data including telemetry data, the airspeed, the altitude as well as the orientation of the drone.

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If you are after a high quality and reliable drone for real estate photography and the price is not a serious consideration, then the Yuneec Tornado H920 will not disappoint. The advanced under the hood features definitely justify the price tag which can range from $3000 to $6000 depending on the retailer and accessories purchased. The drone can perform various functions such as folding the wings and folding the landing gear making it very portable in spite of its slightly larger size.

The Yuneec Tornado H920 drone is very robust and durable thanks to its carbon fiber frame. It will take a few hits and still last. The drone will come with the ST24 transmitter along with a 7-inch Android tablet which you can use for FPV and OSD. These functions will extend the capabilities of the drone allowing you to fly at high speeds and over long distances with a great deal of accuracy.

The robustness of the drone also means it is capable of carrying large pay loads. If you consider that the drone can lift up to 7kg of weight and still fly with a reasonable flight time and speed, then you can begin to appreciate its power and robust flight performance. From a real estate photography perspective, you can use the Yuneec Tornado H920 to carry some of the heavier professional videography equipment that you will use to capture clear shots of the property you are planning to market.

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The Tornado will not crash easily as it is built with a safe technology that should always guarantee it returns home to the take-off location whenever it is about to run out of juice. That, combined with obstacle avoidance, means that you are less likely to crash and damage this drone during your shoots.

Here is an overview of the main features of the Yuneec Tornado H920:-

  • Has a tough carbon fiber frame capable of withstanding a few hits. It is a fairly durable drone.
  • Comes with an ST24 transmitter with a good range along with an Android device that you can pair up for control.
  • Retractable wings and landing gear allow you to pack it easily and carry it around with you wherever you are planning to shoot. The retraction of the landing gear will also give the onboard camera a 360-degree view so it can shoot the landscape unfettered.
  • Built with a GB603 gimbal that will help in stabilizing the camera while also giving it the capability to move independently of the quadcopter. This can allow you to shoot unique perspectives with your drone.
  • The drone is ready to fly so no complex assembly required before you fly it.
  • Has advanced and autonomous flight functions such as a failsafe that guards your quadcopter from crashes, the return to home functions and auto landing functions. These not only protect your drone from possible crashes but also make it a joy to fly.

It is a high-priced and packs a punch. We would recommend this for a large realtor or a small and serious realtor looking for impressive and professional quality real estate shots.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

 drones used for real estate

For a significantly more affordable but still powerful real estate drone that you can use to capture crystal clear property shots, you can go with the DJI Phantom 4 Pro. It is quite cheaper so you don’t have to grapple with the anxieties of potentially crashing $10,000 drone.

It is not equipped with the many powerful features that you will find in the Inspire 2. For example, it does not have collision detection functionality and the radio is of relatively poor quality. However, this real estate drone still delivers in other areas key amongst them is the incredible resolution. You can use it to shoot a 4K video at 60fps. It still has a host of user-friendly features that will make operating it a breeze.

 drones real estate

The footage is clear and looks great. With some of the built-in features such as obstacle sensing and auto-tracking, you will have an easier time capturing your desired footage. The drone also comes with a very powerful app that you can use to perform various advanced functions such as setting waypoints from an Android device. The main disadvantage of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro is its longer set up time and the relatively larger size. However, for the price tag, this is one of the best real estate drones in its class.

You could step down from the DJI Phantom 4 Pro and buy a more stripped down and affordable DJI Phantom 4 model (without the “Pro”) but that would mean sacrificing some of the advanced functionalities such as collision detection and a reliable and highly advanced radio system that make real estate shooting a breeze. For real estate shooting, you simply cannot afford to lose this. So it is better to pay the extra few hundreds of dollars and get the best version of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro that will serve all your needs reliably when it comes to real estate videography.

Here is an overview of some of the features of the DJI Phantom 4 Pro:-

  • Built with a 20MP sensor camera capable of shooting images with a resolution of 4K at 60fps. This delivers very clear video footage for your real estate shots.
  • Integrated with a gimbal stabilizer like most of other premium camera drones.
  • Various media formats including microSD, microSDHC and the microSDXC
  • The best models have obstacle sensors that minimize crashes as much as possible. The cheaper base model DJI Phantom 4 does not have this feature.
  • The remote controller has a built-in LCD screen
  • You can control this real estate drone from very long distances. It has a good range.
  • Has various advanced flight functions including Return to Home, backward and forward obstacle detection as well as automated flight modes.


 using drones for real estate

The DJI Mavic Pro is undoubtedly one of the best DJI drones in the market. It is a small drone that packs lots of features. The drone is very light in weight and the small size means it can fly a lot faster. It will hit a top speed of up to 40mph or 65km/h.

It might be a tiny drone but it still packs lots of goodies under the hood. As far as camera drones go, the DJI Mavic Pro is undoubtedly one of the most sophisticated in the industry making it a suitable choice for professional real estate shooting. The drone can perform some twenty four high tech computing tasks to give you an excellent flight performance. It is also packed with the latest flight transmission system with a range of up to 4.3 miles. This will be adequate for your real estate drone shooting needs. It has five vision sensors and a three-axis mechanical gimbal stabilization that allows for relatively stable flights and high quality drone footage.

real estate drone video

Speaking of footage, the MAVIC PRO is packed with a powerful 4K camera which is equipped with both a GLONASS and GPS positioning systems. Even if you are flying the real estate drone at very high altitudes, you are still assured of pinpoint of accuracy thanks to these advanced positioning features.

An obstacle avoidance feature allows you to fly the drone safely without hitting too many obstacles. This helps in boosting the drone’s overall flight safety performance. This will come in handy when you are flying the drone around too many obstacles such as trees, power poles, rooftops or buildings. When shooting real estate footage, you have to navigate past lots of these obstacles so this technology is very helpful in this aspect.

 drone real estate video

The drone can also be interfaced with modern FPV goggles seamlessly and this will extend its functions beyond imagination. If you are flying it at high speeds or over longer distances, the FPV integration will be of great help in capturing the best footage.

Here is a summary of the DJI MAVIC PRO features:-

  • The drone has better flight safety as well as reliability thanks to the Obstacle Avoidance technology built into the drone along with its sensor redundancy in the design.
  • You can position the DJI MAVIC PRO with great accuracy thanks to the pairing of the drone’s vision positioning with GPS and GLONASS.
  • The DJI MAVIC PRO utilises the OcySync transmission system with a transmission range of up to 4.3 miles.
  • The drone has a speed of 40mph and with an average flight time of 27 minutes. This sufficient to have an extended and high quality real estate shoot.
  • The DJI MAVIC PRO is a highly portable drone so you can easily carry it with you anywhere. A portable drone is a top requirement for any real estate shoot.
  • Has a high quality 4K at 60fps ultra high definition camera that you can use to capture smooth and high quality footage. The camera is also stabilized so you are assured of the best footage. There are various other smart features in the camera such as TapFly and ActiveTrack that add to the professional quality of the footage.

You will note that the MAVIC PRO utilises the OcuSync transmission technology which delivers a superior performance compared to the Lightbridge transmission used in drones such as the DJI Phantom 4 line of quads. With the OcuSync technology for transmission, you will get live transmission of the footage at 1080p. With the Lightbridge, you only get 720p live footage transmission.

drones in real estate

You can extend the functions of the MAVIC PRO by integrating it with other accessories. For example, you can pair it up with the PolarPRO Katana for more stabilized footage when you are flying the drone outdoors.

The MAVIC PRO has other serious advantages that will come in handy when it comes to real estate photography and videography. For example, it has collision sensors and propeller guards all of which add to its flight safety and protection. With this drone, you will be able to do a lot of things without breaking the bank.


 drones and real estate

The Hubsan H109S is a top choice real estate drone that comes at reasonable pricing. The drone ticks the right boxes for someone looking for a high performance and affordable drone for their real estate footage. This is an FPV and long range drone so the accuracy is impressive.

The drone has the following technical specifications:-

  • Flight time of 30 minutes
  • It uses an intelligent 11.1V 7000mAh LiPO battery
  • Has a maximum speed of 36Km/h
  • Has a powerful 13MP 1080p high definition camera with a frame rate of 30fps
  • It has an impressive control range of 1.5km
  • Has a GPS Automatic Return function
  • Has a First Person View (Standard Edition FPV) Transmitter and the H7000 Smart Transmitter
  • Utilises a 3-axis gimbal stabilizer to deliver clear footage

The Hubsan H109S is a sleek looking drone that delivers excellent performance. If you are after professional-grade drone footage, it will certainly surpass your expectations. It operates at a frequency of 5.8Ghz with an FPV that allows you to use the drone reliably in real estate drone footage.

drones for real estate video

The drone has excellent features that allow for superior performance in flights over long distances such as the headless mode, GPS function, an automatic return home feature and even an altitude hold feature. The practical importance of these wonderful sets of features becomes more apparent when you have to navigate your drone and shoot footage over a very long range.

The Hubsan H109S can fly for about 30 minutes before you need to recharge it. This is even better than the flight times of some of the much vaunted drone models such as DJI Phantom 4 drones. Adding the camera and shooting videos lowers the flight time to about 25 minutes because the juice is drained off a lot quicker but this is still pretty good.

 real estate aerial photography

This impressive flight time should not be taken for granted, especially in high-end applications such as real estate drone shooting where you need to capture a large amount of continuous footage for marketing purposes. The 11.1V LiPO battery also has very fast charging time; it charges in under one hour but powers your flight for close to 30 minutes making it a reliable top performer in these high end applications that drain the battery charge.

You can purchase the Standard Hubsan H109S or the high end models for enhanced performance characteristics. A lot of its superior performance is due to its powerful 7000mAh LiPO battery but you must also appreciate the technology and versatile flight functions built into this explorer drone.


 real drones

The UPAIR ONE is another top choice for real estate shooting needs. It is also very affordable and is beautifully and ergonomically designed. The design mirrors that of the high end DJI Phantom drone models. If you are fussy about the aesthetics of your drone, you can get “the look” with the UPAIR ONE without blowing a fortune on your drone.

However, it still delivers in the performance departments with a high-spec construction that will allow you to shoot high quality videos for your real estate agency.

At 5400mAh and with a flight time of only 18 minutes, it does not give the robust performance of the Hubsan H109S but if you are not planning to take more extensive real estate drone footage, these specs should be adequate.

 reality drones

The winning edge of the UPAIR ONE drone is its impressive controller that will make it a joy to operate. It feels and looks good with a futuristic design that mesmerizes. The controller is also designed with a 7-inch LED screen that allows you to execute smooth FPV flights for longer range shoots. Impressive control features allow you to take high quality real estate footage with the drone. Here is a look at some of the specs of the UPAIR ONE drone:-

  • Has a 5400mAh battery that guarantees you a flight time of 18 minutes.
  • Has a 2.4GHz Controller
  • Comes with a 4K camera for high definition drone footage.
  • Has a GPS Return to Home function so you don’t have to worry about losing or crashing drone when it is out of sight.
  • Designed with auto take-off and auto-landing functions.
  • Offers advanced flight route planning via mobile device allowing you to choose a departure point and mark out GPS points where you are planning to fly the drone and capture footage.
  • Comes with an iPhone and Android app that you can use to pair the controller to a smartphone or tablet and unlock advanced flight functions. For example , with the help of smartphone, you can easily access Google Maps and mark out GPS way points where the drone will fly past.
 aerial photography real estate

This is a highly advanced and innovative drone that is packed with plenty of features that you are unlikely to find anywhere else at this price point. The fact that it still delivers excellent footage and reasonable flight time makes it a good choice for a real estate agency with a small budget and planning to carry out light drone video shooting applications.

3DR Solo

 drone house

Here is another reliable real estate drone that will give you excellent footage. Manufactured by 3DRobotics, the drone costs only $800 although you can get it for a bargain on some marketplaces such as Amazon.

With the 3DR Solo, you still have to purchase a few extra accessories to get optimal performance. The final price of the drone will vary based on the accessories that you add. The 3DR Solo drone is fairly easy to fly thanks to the numerous autonomous flight functions that it is equipped with. This will allow you to capture very smooth shots that look professional and clearly bring out the features of the property that you are shooting.

ariel drone

It comes with a camera gimabal that will stabilize the camera and footage and give you fairly clear footage making it a reliable drone for landscape shots. As a realtor, you will probably need to take numerous shots of the property to capture the best views so it helps to buy bigger-sized memory cards that will store the heavy visual footage.

For its relatively low price, the 3DR Solo is fairly well endowed under the hood. It has high tech firmware, boasting two 1Ghz Cortex-A9 Linux computers. One is located on the controller and the other on the quadcopter. You can therefore use it to execute sophisticated flight scripting and the Pixhawk 2 autopilot can thus be used exclusively in keeping the flight in the air. This minimizes the incidences of drone crashes. The use of the two computers in the drone operation also reduces the chances of the drone firmware freezing in the midst of flight and potentially crashing the drone.

using drones for photography

You can stream the footage from the 3DR Solo directly to your smartphone. This can extend its application to very creative uses. For example, you can use the drone to stream live real estate footage directly to a customer’s smartphone giving them various unique perspectives of the property.

Here is an overview of the features of the 3DR Solo drone:-

  • The drone controls are simple and intuitive making it a great drone for novice pilots.
  • It has a top speed of 55mph
  • Built with a robust and durable design that will survive falls
  • Has autonomous flight modes through onboard “autopilot” that makes flying the drone super easy. These include the Cable, Follow, Orbit, Cam and Selfie flying modes. The autonomous modes will allow you to take clear and professional video shots with which you can impress your clients.
  • Has fully featured iOS and Android apps that you can use to control the craft via a smartphone.

Apart from its autonomous flight modes, the 3DR Solo also has various other flight modes that advanced drone pilots can use to take full and manual control of the quadcopter flight. This spectrum of flight options including the autonomous and advanced flight functions with its unrestricted manual control makes the 3DR Solo one of the most versatile drones for real estate photography.


aerial video real estate

Yuneec drones are generally of excellent quality and the Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon does not disappoint. Costing about $700, the Typhoon model is one of the most affordable high-end real estate drones. It includes an inbuilt camera gimbal for stabilization so you can expect clear and relatively high quality drone footage.

The gimbal moves flexibly to allow you to capture various perspectives of the property you are planning to shoot. It has the added advantage of a camera that rotates fully so you can have a good deal of flexibility when capturing the shots of a particular property.

The Typhoon camera is of a very high resolution and can take a 1080p shot, assuring you very good quality videos that you can use to impress your clients. The transmitter of the Q500+ Typhoon also has a screen that gives you a clear visual display of the flight thus aiding in smoother flight control.

To add to its ease of flying, the drone is also built with the “Follow Me” function. This will direct the drone to return back to the transmitter location. The Typhoon has a fairly good range for its price with a range of up to 5000 feet. It also has a fairly good flight time so you can use it to take extended shots of the property in question. The drone flight time varies from 20 minutes to 30 minutes.

For pure functionality and performance, the Yuneec Q500+ Typhoon is a real estate drone that will not disappoint, allowing you take the best sky shots and impress your potential real estate clients.

DJI Phantom 3 Advanced

 aerial real estate

DJI drones are generally heavy-hitters and the Phantom 3 Advanced does not disappoint. With a 2.7K camera and reliable flight performance, this is the perfect drone with which to show off your property. It is fairly intuitive and easy to fly. The drone will be in your complete control and will respond to your every command, allowing you to capture all aspects of the property that you wish to show your clients.

The DJI Phantom 3 Advanced is ideally suited for outdoor flying and shooting.

The drone gives very high definition high quality footage. It has lots of safety harnesses that make for comfortable and easy flying, especially for beginners. The drone is fitted with an array of sensors as well as satellite navigational functionality which make for easy outdoor flying. It is also equipped with DJI’s autonomous flight functions such as Waypoint navigation as well as the Follow Me flight function. It also packs DJI’s Intelligent Flight functions that make flying this drone a breeze.

 property aerial photography

Below is an overview of the main features of the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced drone:-

  • Delivers 2.7K high definition video recording
  • Has a 3-axis gimbal stabilization
  • With its Lightbridge digital streaming functionality, you can now enjoy live viewing with the DJI Phantom 3 Advanced with a full resolution of 720p.
  • The DJI Phantom 3 drone has a Vision Positioning system for a more stable flight even indoors.
  • You can download an Andoid or iOS app for complete control of the drone camera. This app will also allow you to view live drone footage.


 how to do aerial photography

To cap our review of the best drones for the real estate industry is another great DJI drone. This is the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+. It is a low end but premium quality drone that you can go for if you have a small budget but are looking for top performance and specifications. However, there will be lots of trade-offs that you need to keep in mind.

One thing that you will cherish in the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ is its excellent air stability which is a requisite for great aerial footage for your real estate clients. The stability is thanks to its three-axis gimbal stabilization and this will allow you to capture clear high definition videos of the property in question. With the help of its First Person View (FPV), you can get very clear live view of what the drone is capturing. For its size and price, the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ has a fairly impressive flight time which averages at about 25 minutes. The drone has an average price of $500 so it is a fairly accessible tool for most real estate companies including the small to mid level realtors who might not have a large marketing budget.

real estate quadcopter

Here is an overview of the DJI Phantom 2 Vision+ features:-

  • It has a high-end three-axis gimbal that gives you very smooth footage thanks to the incredible stabilization. This also allows the camera to move independently capture various perspectives of the property.
  • For a drone of its price and class, it has a very impressive flight time of approximately 25 minutes. This is largely thanks to its 5200mAh LiPO battery.
  • The drone has self-tightening propellers that deliver a high efficiency and this will give you greater flight power as well as more security.
  • You will also appreciate the drone’s advanced GPS navigation.
  • It has lots of programmable functions that can be activated via its inbuilt USB port.
  • Has a 1080p video camera (approximately 14MP for still photos). This gives you crystal clear drone footage.
  • You can download a DJI Vision app for both iOS and Android which offers support for various drone functions including the gimbal and radar positioning.
 real estate video services

Given its performance, pricing is a definitely a major consideration but it also offers various other advantages that many realtors will appreciate. It comes fully assembled and ready to fly. If you are not looking for a more robust real estate drone, this will definitely be a great option.

Final Notes

The use of drones gives a fresh take to the old realtor market. It gives buyers a bird’s eye view, so to speak, of the property they are planning to purchase. In certain competitive real estate markets, the use of drones in capturing real estate footage is currently at 50% showing that many real estate agents are fast appreciating the value and extra edge that they add to real estate marketing.

real estate aerial video

Many customers appreciate the value they get by looking at a 360-degree view of a property. It gives a more wholesome view of the property compared to still photographs. It gives a more realistic footage that also speeds up the decision making process and saves the buyer and the seller the cost of carrying out an extended property tour.

Many real estate companies are now capturing wonderful drone shots of their properties and sharing them directly to customers’ smartphones or via video sharing tools such as Youtube and Vimeo. Many contend that including drone footage of their real estate in their marketing pitches adds value and helps them close deals a lot faster.

 tips for taking real estate photos

The use of drones in real estate marketing gives your realty three main advantages:-

· It allows you to create a more compelling virtual property tour for your customers. Your customers will not only have a clear view of the interior and exterior of the home but they can also visualize the surrounding community and neighbourhoods and decide if that is a location that they would like to live in.

· It creates the impression that you are a serious and professional real estate agency. Trust is an important factor in whether an end user will decide to purchase your property and professionalism builds trust.

 aerial photography for real estate

· It lowers your marketing budget. Before the Drone Era, real estate companies looking for aerial shots of their portfolio would have to hire helicopters to shoot the footage at an exorbitant cost. With drones, you only have to foot the initial cost of the drone which can be as low as $500 and you can subsequently enjoy hours of free and high quality footage of your property portfolio.

We have reviewed some of the best real estate drones in the industry. These have prices ranging from $500 to $10,000 so depending on your budget and professional needs, you can decide which of them will offer you the best value when it comes to marketing your real estate. Join the next revolution in real estate marketing by acquiring any of these real estate drones and see your leads soar.

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