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Most Expensive Drones For 2018

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Top 10 Most Expensive Drones

Whether you can afford them or not, the most expensive drones on the market are also some of the most fascinating to know about. They offer extremely advanced technology, impressive structure, and state of the art flight controls that any drone enthusiast is sure to lust after. Drones are an excellent way to capture memorable pictures, events, and family memories.

Most people only think of low end drones that are easily affordable to the average drone buyer. While these drones suit the needs of many, there are far more advanced versions in existence as well. Typically low end drones do not have very high quality cameras. Fortunately, drones with exquisite cameras and features do exist. These fancier, more expensive drones are ideal for the drone snob. Eventually most drone enthusiasts will become drone snobs, if you think we are wrong, just wait…we bet you turn in to one too!

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Cameras are universally one of the stand out features of the most expensive drones, but they also offer considerably heavier payloads and advanced flight features as well. Many of the expensive drones allow completely independent control of the drone and the camera for a truly amazing experience with video footage to match. There is no reason to settle for subpar drones when these amazing flying devices with extraordinary cameras exist!

Mavic Pro by DJI

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Portability is key when it comes to adventure drones. Fortunately the Mavic folds down for this very reason. In fact, the drone folds down to the size of the average bottle of water. There is no excuse not to take it on your next journey!

The transmission range of this drone is truly incredible. It can go over four miles without losing transmission in most conditions. The flight speed is also very impressive at nearly forty miles per hour and a flight time of up to twenty seven minutes. Impressed yet?

We are! The included camera will not disappoint as it is 4k and has a very stable design to prevent shaky videos that are no fun to watch. Advanced features make it easy to create professional looking videos and pictures no matter what your skill level may be. The Mavic is difficult to crash because it includes sensors to keep it away from harmful objects and obstructions during flight.

Flight manoeuvring is also kept very precise thanks to new technology and advanced GPS settings whether the drone is being used indoors or outside. The drone can also be flown utilising mobile device and wifi, making it an excellent choice for flight inside for sporting events.

Phantom 4 Pro+ by DJI

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We know we mention products made by DJI a lot, but they know their stuff when it comes to drones! The Phantom 4 automatically takes off, lands, and returns to home when needed. The controls can be done via an easy to install and use mobile app. Even the camera can be controlled with one touch!

A high definition 4k camera is included and supports 12 megapixel photos. The lens has a broad view for capturing more of the world and always provides clear images that will not disappoint. The included gimbal provides excellent camera stabilisation even under harsh conditions and the hover function means you can stop the drone instantly to focus on exactly what you want. For the videographer, this drone comes with editing software as well. You can add text, fun features, and music to your videos without exporting the video to a different program, it does not get much more user friendly than that!

Inspire 1 Professional by DJI

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We know we know, another drone by DJI! This drone comes in a sexy black edition that is sleek in design and style. It offers an advanced prop installation kit with smooth and reliable mechanisms to lock everything in place. The motor also offers excellent control and is ready to fly. The Inspire 1 Pro includes a three axis stabilised gimbal and a 4k camera for catching anything you might encounter during flight.

We have decided not to bore you will lots of information about this drone but we do suggest you buy it, you will not be disappointed! If you are prone to accidents while flying your drone, this may also be a good choice for you. While it is an expensive drone, it is still within reach of most drone users and replacement parts are easy to find and put on the drone.

Inspire 2 by DJI with ZenMuse X5S

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Capable of recording 4k high resolution videos up to 100mbps, this drone also has top of the line streaming capabilities. It has impressive speed and can reach up to fifty miles per hour in just four seconds, can you even imagine that?

The maximum speed this drone can fly is over sixty five miles per hour, which means it can keep up with your car, boat, or other vehicle of choice with ease. The drone can drop at nearly thirty feet per second and gain altitude at almost twenty three feet per second. The drone captures extremely high definition images with resolutions over 5k ad can use adobe cinema raw videos for customization as desired by the user.

Parrot Bebop 2 Adventurer

This drone is one of the few completely automated drones with features specifically for the sport and adventure lover in mind. It has a follow me drone mode but does not require a cumbersome remote to use it, allowing the user to concentrate on the activity and adventure rather than the drone control. The most unique feature of this drone is the air leash, which allows the user to keep the drone with them simply by wearing the controller.

This also allows the user to control the drone without worrying about dropping and damaging the remote. The drone is compact and ideal for throwing in a backpack so the adventurer does not have to think about how to take the drone with them, it will not get in the way! While the drone is compact when set up for flight, it becomes even more compact when it folds down for storage.

Additional flight modes and advanced features are still being added to this drone and can be updated by simply updating the software, no additional purchase are required to keep the drone up to date. The Parrot Bepop 2 is designed to prevent accidental crashes and can sense when it is too close to the ground or other potential obstructions.

Power Vision PowerRay Wizard

This drone is truly ready to embark on your next voyage no matter what it happens to be. It has a high definition camera at 1080p and several features. It takes 12 mp photos and can record 4k underwater. Stream 3d video and explore the seas. If you want to see other waterproof drones, check out our article on them.

ALTA UAV by Freely Systems

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This drone has the benefit of being ready to fly in less than five minutes from the time you open the package. It can withstand generous sized payloads of up to fifteen pounds but also has a very light frame made out of carbon fiber. The drone is even made in the USA, which is not a very common drone trait. This drone has special ground view and sky view settings to get the best images possible every time. It is also an onto-copter rather than a quad, which means superior stabilised flights and continued flight even if a rotor becomes damaged.

DJI S900

This drone has large frame plates that allow ample room for installation of custom equipment such as auxiliary equipment needed for superior photography in the air. It has a visually pleasing matte black covering that appeals to all tastes

The DJI S900 can fly for up to eighteen minutes as well, making it ideal for most applications. Forget the low end models that can only fly for five minutes at a time and add this drone to your arsenal for a truly enjoyable flight experience that will not be cut short by a low battery. It also has advanced GPS features and flight controls that make controlling the drone as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Matrice 600 by DJI

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This drone has a very impressive take off weight of up to thirty three pounds without hesitating. It has advanced A3 flight controls and can also be controlled with the user friendly DJI mobile app. The matrices includes retractable landing gear to avoid damage during flight. The design of this particular drone is resistant to dust and means maintenance is easy. It is also compatible with a wide range of cameras thanks to its generous payload of unto six kilograms.

The 600 has extended range and flight time as well, making it a step up from previous versions of the Matrice. Instead of having one large battery, the Matrice 600 uses six small batteries to prevent problems shipping the drone, making it available to users in most areas. Even though it uses six small batteries, they can all be turned on at once with the push of a single button.However, an extra safety feature means that if one battery fails, the drone will remain in flight.

Tornado by Yuneec

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This drone comes with two batteries for twice the enjoyment of flight. The charger included with this drone is designed to charge both batteries at once so you will always have one or two ready to go! It also has a case for storing and protecting the drone. Safety features are abundant with the Tornado, making it a good choice for people who like to explore the unknown.

Landing gear is retractable to keep it out of the way during flight and the drone will automatically return home if the battery gets low, the range is lost, or it is prompted to return by the user. The tornado can also continue flying if one motor fails.

Are the Most Expensive Drones Worth the Price?

All of the drones listed here are several thousand dollars in price. However, the features they offer are well worth the money for people who are serious about their drones. These drones can offer spectacular commercial drone uses with their superior cameras and ability to carry heavy loads over large distances than lower end models making them awesome long range drones.


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Many drone enthusiasts will find they prefer saving up for one of these models instead of adding more and more low end models to their collection. Once you have flown a few of the lower end models, there is not much more to learn or experience within their price range. However, branching out and taking the time to save up for one of the most expensive drones on the market will open the users eyes to a whole new world of drone flying.

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