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Military Drones For Sale

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Military Drones for Sale 

You might be wondering what the difference between a military drone and a regular drone is and we are here to help! Often times there are little to no differences, other times the differences are extreme. True military drones are extremely advanced in technology and power.

They cost more than most peoples’ cars and are not available on the open market because of their capabilities. Military drones are sometimes referred to as commercial drones. However, true military drones are far more involved than the average commercial drone. Instead of simply being a recreational item, commercial drones solve a problem or provide a very distinct service when in use and can be applied to various applications.

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Commercial uses for drones are potentially endless. However, the most popular way to use drones in a commercial setting seems to be photography. Drones can capture images that would otherwise be available because of the altitude and small spaces they can reach. Photography isn’t the only commercial application for drones. They can be used to move and deliver objects of varying weights, as part of a surveillance drone program, and many more.

Drones that are designed for commercial purposes are now readily available to consumers, including small business owners and large corporations alike. To help with your drone search, we’ve compiled a list of several drones that are designed to have commercial applications for your specific needs.

Most of them are able to be used as recreational drones as well and may not seem like anything special in the drone market, but they can be adapted to meet commercial needs very easily and may require no altering at all depending on how the drone will be utilized.

How Military Drones are Used

Photography and Cinematography

Military Drones for Sale

As mentioned, photography is one of the most common uses for a commercial drone. Specialty drones have been created with autopilot modes that allow the user to focus on the camera rather than the skill required to fly the drone where it needs to go. Drones can get images from all angles and heights that would not otherwise be able to be captured by a photographer or cinematographer. They are useful for people in all ranges of businesses including real estate or marketing for magazine or television advertisements.


Drones are now being used for various media applications from paparazzi to news companies following car chases. Drones are a relatively non-invasive way for people to be involved but out of the way while still knowing exactly what is going on as the excitement occurs.

Public Service

Drones are a great resource for surveillance and rescue purposes. They can go places people can’t fit, reach, or areas that might be dangerous. They are being used to find survivors in natural disasters when they’re equipped with heat sensing cameras, for example.

Delivery Services

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A growing area of commercial drone use is making deliveries. Because drones tend to have short flight times, this application is currently limited, but the potential for the future is very exciting. Drones can cut out the middleman and save companies money in the long term, however this is also a potential drawback as it will cost people their jobs.


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Drones can help with monitoring crop growth, livestock, and surveillance on the farm. There are many potential applications in agriculture and as technology continues to improve there will be many more.


Drones are a noninvasive way for conservation agents to watch wildlife. They can see predators, find poachers, and learn more about the species by watching their day to day life without interrupting or scaring the animals.


There is an excitement movement creating drones that can provide internet access in areas that would otherwise not be able to have it. These drones are often solar powered to eliminate the hassle of charging. One such drone can work for five years with only solar power charging.

Top Military Drones

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

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DJI never fails to deliver when it comes to drones. The Phantom 4 Pro is no exception. It comes with a top of the line twenty megapixel camera that offers great stability with a three axis gimbal. There is never a question about video and picture quality with this drone. It offers easy to use automatic flying features such as landing and take-off as well as a useful return to home feature that will automatically kick in if the battery starts getting too low for the drone to continue its flight.

This feature also kicks in if the drone loses range of the controller so you won’t lose your drone. The Phantom also has specialized orientation features that keep the tail pointed at the user at all times to help streamline navigation.

The Phantom 4 comes equipped with a high quality battery that powers up to thirty minutes of flight time in normal conditions and covers a flight distance of over two miles. The battery indicator lights are placed on the rear of the drone so the pilot can always see the drone as well as be aware of the battery level of the drone.

This drone offers additional features that make it excellent for commercial use, such as the ability to tether, which means you can connect it to Lightbridge and various monitoring options using a mobile device or a USB port.

DJI Phantom 3

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This drone is the predecessor for the Phantom 4. While it does not offer all the different features and capabiilities that the Phantom 4 offers, it is a great comparrison and is more budget friendly. The flight of this drone is designed for stability and ease of camera use, allowing great videography during flight and while in hover mode. Autopilot features take this to the next level so the user can focus on the images, not the act of flying the drone.

Because this drone is slightly older, the flight time of the phantom 3 is twenty five minutes. That's 5 minutes less than the Phantom 4.

DJI Inspire 2

This drone comes complete with a stabilized three axis gimbal, a high quality camera that is 4k, and the ability to take excellent videos and still pictures with ease. It even has an extending camera arm that allows a complete three hundred sixty degree view without any obstructions! The video taken by the Inspire is 720p and the drone comes with a 16 gigabyte memory card to store video and pictures.

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The memory can be updated to a larger capacity if needed or changed to a new memory card if you want to save the data on the one it includes. You can view your videos on your favorite mobile phone device utilizing the Lightbridge application, which is very user friendly.

The design of the Inspire 2 is extremely aerodynamic. It looks as impressive as it’s flight ability and battery life. It has a flight time of about twenty seven minutes, which is generous by recreational drone standards but may be a drawback for some commercial applications because it can’t make long trips without being recharged.

This drone is also excellent for indoor flight with a special technology that allows the pilot to precisely control the drone’s movements with a quick response from the drone.

The Inspire 2 includes a dual transmitter control. This means the drone and camera can be operated independently of each other. The controller allows the user to use autopilot settings and the special DJI application can be used as well. The app does require that your tablet or mobile device has a USB port so the drone controlled and will likely require an internet connection rather than using data.

DJI Matrice 600

The standout feature of this drone is called guidance. This prevents the drone from running in to objects during flight with little or no help from the pilot. The drone has ultra-sonic sensors as well as special cameras to detect if the device is near objects or obstructions that may cause damage or interrupt the flight path of the drone. It also has an extremely generous flight time of up to forty minutes in time and a distance of over on mile powered by a double battery compartment.

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The Matrice 600 is made out of carbon fiber, which is incredibly strong and durable. It also has special landing gear that absorbs most of the impact when landing to help prolong the life of the drone and limit damage. The GPS system included has a lot to offer and will help the pilot keep track of the drone no matter what.

It is easy to adapt this drone for specialized purposes because it can handle heavy loads and is an excellent choice for businesses starting their journey in utilizing drones for commercial purposes.

DJI S900

A stable camera and generous flying range are just the start to the many features this drone has to offer. It has an flight time of eighteen minutes, making it suitable for most low end commercial needs as well as making it in the top market for recreational drones regarding flight time.

DJI s900

There is no controller for this drone. It's recommended that one purchases an A2 flight controller from DJI. This controller will allow an individual to be able to hold the drones horizontal position and altitude in place, automatically land, and return to home. 

The DJI S900 is a hexacopter and offers superior cinematography as well as photography options. It is considered to be classified as a smart drone with its advanced technological features. It also has automatic take-off and landing as well as a return home feature.

Additionally, this drone features a hover feature that is excellent for capturing still photos or letting the user catch up to the drone. The battery that comes with this drone has an light to help indicate the battery so the user won’t be blindsided by the drone suddenly dying. It has a strong motor that is ideal for flying in wind or carrying loads.

Privacy Concerns

The same technology that makes drones so useful also has many people concerned about their privacy, whether the drone is being used commercially, for the military, or recreationally by a home user. Some drones have special features that won’t let them be flown in restricted areas.

Likewise, the military is developing technology that will alert them when a drone enters a certain area of airspace and some of the technology can even stop the drone dead in its tracks to protect restricted areas and private information. Because there are so many privacy concerns there are strict regulations in most areas concerning drones.

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The FAA limits what types of drones can be used for recreational and commercial purposes for the greater good of the general population and to help the government keep private information away from the wrong hands.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to control drones as they become more popular and their use becomes more commonplace, but it something everyone should be aware of. Most areas do require drones to be registered and it is important to know what the rules are in your particular area.

If you do not follow the regulations put in place for the use of drones where you live or will be flying the drone, you will be subjected to fines, confiscation of the drone, and possibly even jail time.

Military Impact on Commercial Drones

The military was the first group to realize how much drones could be capable of when it comes to commercial applications. They started by using them for surveillance and spy work because they could be unmanned in potentially dangerous areas while providing valuable insight.

Military drones are far more advanced than typical commercial or recreational drones. They are required to fly extremely long distances and have much more powerful batteries or engines to support them. Military drones carry very advanced equipment and cameras. Some can even be designed to carry weapons.

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Drones can also be used to drop supplies to military camps and refuges without putting people in harms way or drawing a lot of attention to the activity, making them priceless in hostile situations where people would otherwise be in danger.

Businesses are increasingly viewing drones as a worthwhile investment as the technology advances and the applications for their use continue to grow. Although drones are considered controversial by many due to privacy concerns and job loss concerns, the advancement of the technology and increase in drone use is inevitable.

Features to Consider for Commercial Drones

A few things you want to keep in mind before purchasing a commercial drone are flight time, load capacity, and flight range. If you will be using the drone strictly for taking pictures and videos, that should also be a deciding factor before making your purchase.

It can be difficult to find a drone that has it all and still has a reasonable price tag, so most people find it is best to focus on one major trait in the drone and accept slightly lower standards on other things.

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If the drone will be used for photography, it is best to get one with a 4k high definition camera. The look of the drone itself probably doesn’t matter much and in most cases the flight time may not be super important either. Many photographers know exactly what they want to capture and can plan according to their desired subject and the flight time and distance range of the drone.

If the drone will be used to carry or deliver things, it should have a very powerful battery or even be powered by fuel of some sort. The motor should be powerful enough to lift the load being carried without sacrificing flight stability.

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