About Us

About Us: Drones With Cameras

Welcome to Drones With Cameras, on behalf of myself James and my good friend Kyle.

We have been droners and drone flyers for close to 5 years now. I can say this proudly that we both were one of the very few early adopters who realized that drones will change our lives for the better.

This website was started for the sole purpose of educating future and current drone owners about the latest innovation in the drone market and also to get most of their existing drones

I am a web designer by profession and Kyle is in sales. We love the outdoors and flying drones just motivates us to go places and capture the scenery in a birds eye view. Our goals is to continue to offer free and valuable information and insights into this wonderful industry of drones. As of the time of writing, we own multiple drones including follow me drones, quadcopter drones among others.

We hope that each one of you find this website and our experiences with drones useful. Our plan is to stay ahead of the industry and bring you the latest news as it happens. If you have any questions feel free to reach out. Cheers to many more flying hours in your favorite drones

James and Kyle